Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Great Florida Bug Hunt

The Great Florida Bug Hunt is an annual lobster hunting contest where scuba divers compete for cash and dive gear prizes to catch the biggest and prettiest spiny lobsters or "bugs."

The contest is held as part of Bugfest by the Sea festivities and during Florida's popular two-day lobster mini-season. Divers can catch up to 12 lobsters per day north of the Florida Keys. 

Divers can register online for the Great Florida Bug Hunt by visiting 
The cost of registration is $20. Divers receive a BugFest T-shirt and Reef Safe 'Goody Bag' with stuff worth an estimated $25.

The Final Bug Hunt Sign-Up will be in person on 28-Jul-201 6pm - 7pm at El Prado Park (4500 El Mar Drive) in Lauderdale by the Sea. 

The Bug Hunt begins at 12:01 midnight July 29 and runs through 5:00 PM July 30, 2015. Everybody has a chance to win something. There are fabulous prizes in many categories:

  • Buddy Team: Biggest 12 Bugs Caught By A Buddy Team 
  • Boat Diving: Biggest Bug Caught Off A Boat (private or commercial)
  • Beach Diving: Biggest Bug Caught Off The Beach
  • Bug Babe: Prettiest Lobster Caught Caught By A Woman Diver

For more information, please visit

Let’s get some bugs!

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